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The online shopping giant Amazon has opened the new “Amazon Underground” program. There you will find expensive premium applications and paid in-app purchases that are only actually free of charge and without restrictions.

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Amazon Underground: Free Android Apps

With the installation of the “Amazon Underground” app you override the usual Amazon shoppingapp. This means: With the “Amazon Underground” -App, you are allowed to shop normally in the online mail order company. In addition, only in the sidebar the tab “Underground Apps & Games” is integrated.

Here you will find selected free apps for your Android device, which you can install directly and use unlimited. It is quite possible that the “Free App of the Day” will be moved from Amazon Appstore to the new Underground app over time.
Amazon Underground: Download Android Apps for Free

In “Amazon Underground” you will find not only actually paid apps for free, even in-app purchases are simply given away. Amazon itself pays the developers of the apps based on the number of users. The more users install and actively use an app, the more the developer earns with the app. Every minute, the developer receives 0.0018 Euro.

Amazon creates a completely new way of monetizing and actively attacks the Google Play Store. To date, several hundred apps and in-app purchases are given away – there is something for everyone. Altogether it should come together according to Amazon a value of over 10,000 euros.

Conclusion:The “Amazon Underground” app offers an almost incredible range of paid content for free. For all Android users who like to try apps and have an Amazon account, the service is a must. However, Amazon has yet to prove how future-proof the concept is.

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