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Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse

Well, even hard at the by searching Best gaming mouse for PUBG? Anyway, we at Games villa team are already hard at the chicken dinner to gather (if the loot is on our side) and steer enthusiastically through all possible drop points of the island. Of course, the surprise hit also attracts many new players or career changers whose mouse is often outdated or even from old office stocks. Who wants to retire as a penultimate player, just because his age-old mouse does not transmit the signal at the crucial moment?

In contrast, we have a means – and therefore show you in the following article the Best gaming mouse for PUBG!

The Best Gaming Mouse for PUBG: What do you need?

If you’re looking for a good gaming mouse for player unknown battlegrounds these days, almost every manufacturer throws mice on the market designed specifically for gamers – but in the end, it’s just marketing blah about lack of quality and savings disguise the hardware. We, therefore, look behind the mask and use fixed test points to investigate whether a mouse has really high-quality components. You should always pay attention to the following criteria if you are looking for the best mouse for PUBG:

1. Perfect sensor:

Unfortunately, many manufacturers save the most important point of a good gaming mouse: The mouse sensor, which absorbs every little movement and passes it on to the PC. The best gaming mouse for PUBG has perfect tracking with no artificial fixes because targeting one opponent on the ridge really matters to every pixel.

2. High-quality switches:

High-quality mouse switches from Huano or Omron are now also a good thing in gaming mice, even if they are a bit more expensive in purchasing as a component.

3. Useful (!) Additional buttons:

Even though the controls on PUBG are quite simple, you need a number of additional keys (reload, inventory, lying down, crouching …). Meaningful placed additional keys on the gaming mouse make sense, so you can always operate these functions as quickly as possible.

4. Low weight:

Unfortunately, many manufacturers load so much technology into their mice that they weigh 130g and more – making it too heavy for fast moves in games like PUBG (mass must be moved). The summit is then additional weights in already heavy mouse Bricketts. A good mouse for PUBG gamers is easy to move over the mouse pad.

5. Good workmanship:

Wacky side buttons, rattling mouse wheels and inferior rubber coating: The list of potential processing weaknesses in gaming mice is unfortunately still long today. Since we pretty much had every gaming mouse already in hand, we know the black sheep in terms of build quality.

The Best gaming mouse for PUBG: Our Top 3!

Enough of the gray theory! Below we present you our three favorite mice for PUBG, which in addition to excellent features also receive our “PGG Quality Blessing”:

1. Razer Deathadder

Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse

Although Razer sometimes produces quite a lot of crap and simply pastes it with green LEDs – the Razer Deathadder is definitely an excellent gaming mouse with great components. The built-in PixArt SDNS-3988 is a leading optical sensor that passes the signal completely error-free to the PC. Due to the lightweight (105 grams), the extremely pleasant surface coating and the popular shape, the feel of the Deathadder is really well done. The previous problem with double-click errors has now been eliminated, leaving a leading gaming mouse – and thus the best mouse for PUBG players!

2. Logitech G403

Logitech G403
Best gaming mouse for PUBG

Although the Logitech G502 looks more impressive, the G403 is the better Logitech mouse for us. The PixArt PMW-3366 is currently the best sensor on the market, and with only 87.3 grams (plus 10g optional extra weight), the mouse is a real lightweight. The shape is proven and quite universal for all types of handles, as are the six buttons are very easy to reach. The whole thing is rounded off by an internal profile memory, RGB lighting, and the well-known Logitech software. The G403 is for us the best mouse for PUBG from the big Logitech assortment!

3. Zowie EC-2A

While the first two candidates are the top models of well-known manufacturers, third place is a little insider tip : The Zowie EC-2A is a bit purist, but especially in FPS titles such as CS: GO in pros (NEO, Niko, FalleN) quite popular. The shape is a bit “hunchback”, but just ideal for many players. Again, the sensor is error-free, the tracking is perfect and the quality is now clearly in the lead. And: If you prefer a symmetrical shape, the Zowie FK2 is a good alternative to the same home.

Conclusion: The Best gaming mouse for PUBG

For which of the three mice mentioned above for PUBG you decide in the end, there is no big difference in quality. All of them are currently in the forefront of current gaming mice, which are superior to many competitors due to their perfect tracking and error-free signal transmission. The only downside to buying: If you miss the chicken dinner in one turn, you definitely can not put it on an inferior gaming mouse😉

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