best keyboard for PUBG

The best keyboard for PUBG: Tits on the table, who of you is also completely succumbed to the PUBG addiction? We were looking for the new surprise multiplayer hit almost every day and have been able to collect some chicken dinners.

But many newcomers have a problem: The old IBM keyboard does not fit in the beautiful new multiplayer world, and even when looting stress the imprecise feedback of cheap buttons. Meanwhile, the keyboards in PUBG streamers shine on twitch in all RGB colors, and a certain envy comes to mind. Therefore, we would like to help you with this guide to find the best keyboard for PUBG for you!

The best keyboard for PUBG: What do you need?

As you may have already noticed, gaming keyboards are today a dime a dozen, as every manufacturer wants to profit from the gamer target group. Often only a few LEDs are lovelessly tucked under the keys and a bit of gamer marketing popped onto the packaging – and the alleged gamer keyboard is ready.
However, the following three points make it easier to identify the true quality of a gaming keyboard:

1. Good mechanical buttons:

There are two types of different keyboard styles:

  1. Normal keyboards have a large rubber mat under the keys responsible for the key resistance (also called “rubber dome” ).
  2. But higher quality ” mechanical keyboards ” have individual mechanical switches under each key.

The best keyboard for PUBG should definitely be mechanical, as keyboards of this design offer better feel and longevity than their rubber mats.

2. High-quality materials & workmanship

Cheap you can see, cheap one feels – this is especially true for keyboards, where you hack a bit more intense at the PUBG-gambling. Although gaming keyboards often look similar at first glance, there are many small details that separate the wheat from the chaff. The recommended by us keyboards for PUBG have correspondingly good materials and a useful basic design, so you can enjoy as long as possible.

3. The meaningful ratio of price & features

The deeper you get into the topic of mechanical keyboards, the faster you will find out how much money you can invest in this area (eg in modifications, new keycaps or different MX switches ). The nice thing is: In every price segment you will find useful devices that offer a good price-performance ratio.

Keyboards for Overwatch: Our Top 3

Recommendation # 1: Ducky Shine

best keyboard for PUBG
best keyboard for PUBG

To start with, our absolute benchmark (aside from the Vortex Pok3r ): As you may have read in our Ducky Shine review, this boutique keyboard is our clear # 1 on the market today. With several Cherry MX switches, ABS Double-Shot Keycaps, the sophisticated double-layer PCB construction and excellent workmanship, it is our clear favorite for PUBG. Of course, the price of the current sixth edition with over 200 € is not a bargain, but it’s worth every penny.

Recommendation # 2: Corsair K70

best keyboard for PUBG
Corsair K70

Despite the new “punishment” as Corsair’s flagship – we personally prefer the good old Corsair K70 as a keyboard for PUBG. The brushed aluminum base, various MX switches, LED lighting and good workmanship characterizes the keyboard. In addition, the design with the “floating” buttons on the one hand visually appealing, on the other hand in everyday life quite practical. The K70 is for less than 150 € our number 1 in the middle price range of mechanical keyboards for PUBG!

Recommendation # 3: Logitech G610

Logitech G610

If you should be deterred in the first two recommendations of the price: Even students, trainees and students do not have to play with any crap equipment PUBG despite possibly narrower purse. After the SteelSeries 6gv2 was removed from the program, the Logitech G610 is the best keyboard for us under $ 100. It’s mechanical, comes with Cherry MX switches, custom key lighting, macro/multimedia keys, and perfect anti-ghosting (just like the more expensive keyboards above). Sure – the case does not look as stylish as our recommendations # 1 and # 2, but for just under $80 (!) You get a good mechanical keyboard for PUBG.


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