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You are looking for games for the Nintendo Switch, which you can also play online with others? We’ve put together a list of the best online multiplayer games you’ll get for the Switch in 2018.

For friends of online multiplayer games, the Nintendo Switch has some first-class titles. We’ll introduce you to the best ones with a short description and shed light on the multiplayer aspects of the games.

This article is continually updated and originally appeared in May 2018.

Paladins Best Online Multiplayer Games

Is Paladins a game for me? This hero shooter is an attractive alternative to the popular  Overwatch . At the heart of the game is a strategic map system that allows you to customize the champions and tailor them to your own style. You can give your hero more firepower or better defense depending on what you need for the match. You have a choice of over 35 imaginative characters available, ranging from human sniperover goblin Mechreiter to  mystical elves . Paladins receives regular updates and is continuously supplied with new Champs, Maps and modes.

How does the online multiplayer in Paladins work? If you want to be successful in Paladins, you have to be a good team player and be able to talk to others. It’s not about getting the most killings. Above all, you have to take the lens and defend your position. There are different modes available in which you normally play against each other with two teams, each consisting of 5 players.

Developer:  Hi-Rez Studios
Genre : Hero Shooter, Action, Arcade, First-Person, Games-as-a-Service
Online Multiplayer:  Up to 10
Rating: 7.9 on Metacritic (User Score)
Age Rating of USK:  From 6 Years
Similar Games: Overwatch, Battlerborn, Team Fortress 2
Paladins is available in the Nintendo eShop  and currently costs 29.99 euros , if you buy the founding package. In the course of the year 2018 Paladins should, however, still be free for the switch.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Is Fortnite: Battle Royale a game for me? For this colorful Battle Royale shooter, you must have tactical thinking and fast reaction time. You will be dropped on an island and you will have to survive under 100 here. Who is hit, only disappears in the void and does not really die. Especially in Fortnite the construction stands out . Distributed on the map, you will find resources that you use to build walls or towers that protect you from bullets. So you have to manage your weapons and build at the same time, which gives the game a complex component.

How does the online multiplayer in Fortnite: Battle Royale work? At the same time, you will play against 99 other players to stay the last. Fortnite: Battle Royale is basically designed for a tough competition. But there is also the possibility to fight in teams against other teams. Then the whole team wins, which remains at the end.

Developer:  Epic Games
Genre:  Battle Royale, Action, Third-Person, Tactics, Shooter, Games-as-a-Service
Online Multiplayer:  Up to 100
Rating: 83 on Metacritic Age Range
of USK:  From 16 years
Similar games: PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) , H1Z1 , Realm Royale
Fortnite is available in the Nintendo eShop and is available here for free download.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe a game for me? This Nintendo classic is for anyone looking for fun arcade racing fun. Everything here is about giving you advantages through items and making the race difficult for opponents with tricks like slippery banana peels. If the 48 racing tracks are not enough for you, there are still several fun modes. If your driving skills are rusty or you are new to the genre, the “clever control” helps. It makes it easier for you to stay in the street. This is especially useful for younger drivers. Fortnite offers regular updates and events that provide variety.

How does the online multiplayer in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe work? You can compete with up to 12 racers against each other on racetracks and in modes that offer a different gaming experience than the classic racetrack. It is possible for two players to play at one console. So you can play with up to 8 players in the local multiplayer.

Developer : Nintendo
Genre:  Racing, Arcade
Online multiplayer:  Up to 12
Rating: 92 on Metacritic
US age rating:  From 0 years
Similar games: Crash Team Racing, Angry Birds GO !, Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing

Splatoon 2

Is Splatoon 2 a game for me? If you want to play Splatoon 2, you should like neon-colored action and squid. With your character, the Inkling, you compete in a team 4vs4 against each other and denies here turf wars. In colorful ink fights, you try together as much of your own team color on the map to distribute as possible. It’s about having more color on the map than the opposing team. The weapons serve as tools here. There are, for example, brisk duo-blots or lumbering paint rollers for coloring. This humorous and child-friendly shooter is the opposite of serious, but requires tactical thinking and quick decisions.

How does the online multiplayer in Splatoon 2 work? There are different modes, such as ranked games where you can rise in rank, but also loose, fast rounds. Although Splatoon 2 is designed to be more competitive, it requires teamwork to help you color the entire map as fast as possible and keep your friends free.

Developer:  Nintendo
Genre:  Action, (Kindergartner) Shooter, Third-Person, Arcade
Online Multiplayer:  Up to 8
Rating: 83 on Metacritic Age Range
of USK: From 6 years
Similar games: Overwatch , Team Fortress 2, Extreme Paintbrawl


Is DOOM a game for me? You prefer bloody, aggressive and fast with thick creaks? Then Doom is your online multiplayer choice for the Switch. Here your monster slays out of hell and gets you bigger and stronger weapons for the job. In this intense first-person shooter you can continue to upgrade your weapons and combine your arsenal. Here you cut, crush, crush and puncture your opponents in a brutal and creative way.

How does the online multiplayer in Doom work? In Multiplayer you will encounter a level system comparable to Call of Duty or Halo. As you level, you unlock new armor, weapons, and playable demons. You can become one of the nasty demons yourself and haunt your fellow players! You play on small maps, so that you can barely avoid your opponents. You have the classic death-match and task-based modes of a first-person shooter at your disposal.

Developer:  id Software, Panic Button
Genre:  Action, First Person Shooter, Arcade
Online Multiplayer:  Up to 12
Rating: 79 on Metacritic
Rated for the USK: 18
Similar games: Quake, Wolfenstein, Halo

ARMS Multiplayer Games

Is ARMS a game for me? For friends of Martial Arts Games ARMS offers a unique twist! All characters have arms that they can extend like spirals. With the spiral arms, the figures can box or shoot. You equip the characters with different arms, ranging from the classic boxing glove to arms with built-in boomerang. You can also combine combat arms and use two different ones on a character. This provides a lot of variety and allows for different combat strategies. Especially original is the use of the little Joy-Con-Controllers, with which you control the arms of your character by your own movements.

How does the online multiplayer in ARMS work? You compete against each other in the boxing ring and can play either 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 in the team. A local, split screen is supported here and you can play with two people on a console.

Developer:  Nintendo Best Online Multiplayer Games
Genre:  Action, Sports, Fighting, Boxing, Martial Arts
Online Multiplayer:  Up to 4
Rating: 77 on Metacritic
Age Range of USK: From 6 years
Similar games: Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros, Mortal Kombat

Rocket League

Is Rocket League a game for me? You like sports games that are crazy, beginner-friendly, but also hard to master? That’s what brings Rocket League together. With cars you race across a soccer field and try to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. You do the most insane stunts, loop loops and drive along the walls. Everything is allowed to catch the ball or take off the opposing vehicles. The cars can be customized and decorated with hats, stickers or a rainbow exhaust.

How does the online multiplayer in Rocket League work? In the team or alone you compete against each other on the football field and try to score the most goals. Rocket League supports cross-play! This means you can play with friends on the PC or Xbox One together.

Developer:  Psyonix
Genre:  Action, Sports, Soccer, Arcade
Online Multiplayer:  Up to 8
Rating: 86 on Metacritic Age Range
of USK: From 6 years
Similar games: Rocketball: Championship Cup, Mario Strikers Charged, Heavy Metal Machines

Pokémon Tekken DX

Is Pokémon Tekken DX a game for me? You do not have to be a Pokémon fan to like this fighting game. The fights are full of dynamic action, as you would find in Street Fighter. Most fighting games in the style have dozens of key combinations to make attacks. That is not the case here. Pokémon Tekken DX includes a simple control that requires only a few buttons. It is therefore also ideal for beginners who are new in fighting games. Over 20 different Pokémon fighters have unique abilities, leaving enough room for strategy and tactical thinking.

How does the online multiplayer in Pokémon Tekken DX work? You fight 1-on-1 and compete with your Pokémon in a battle arena. Here you will try to beat your opponent KO by using the abilities of your character.

Developer:  Bandai Namco Games
Genre:  Action, Fighting Game , Fighting
Online Multiplayer:  Up to 2
Rating: 79 on Metacritic
Age Range of USK: From 12 years
Similar games: Tekken, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Battle Revolution


Is Minecraft a game for me? You like to go on an expedition and like to build something up? In Minecraft you will find a free game world without a prescribed target. You only get a set of tasks at the beginning to make it easier to get started. Otherwise, you can create what you want here. Whether a big fairytale castle, a haunted house or even a complete city – your imagination knows no bounds. Almost everything you can mine in this world and use for your creations as material. At night, monsters come out to attack you. That’s why good planning ahead is mandatory.

How does the online multiplayer in Minecraft work? Together, you can shape the world, mine resources, and create works of art together. It is also possible to play on a split screen.

Developer:  4J Studios Multiplayer Games
Genre:  Adventure, Sandbox, Build
Online Multiplayer:  Up to 8
Rating: 86 on Metacritic Age Range
of USK: From 6 years
Similar games: RoBlox, Terraria, Dragon Quest Builders


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