Best Online Multiplayer Games

Best mobile MMOs best mobile MMOs

We have put together the best MMOs, MMORPGs and online games on the 2018 stand for Apple’s iOS. First and foremost, we check whether the free mobile games are really as cheap as it seems: are they really free2play? And how important are in-app purchases?

So that you know what is worth on the iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad, we have put together here and on the following pages of this article some of the best online games for Apple for you.

best mobile MMOs
best mobile MMOs

Note: The article originally appeared in November 2017, it was completely redesigned in July 2018.

World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks  is from Wargaming, the creators of the successful PC version with millions of registered players. There is also a successful mobile version of the tank MMO:  World of Tanks Blitz .

The gameplay of World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz
World of Tanks Blitz game play

Tank fights like on the PC: World of Tanks Blitz is gameplay like the PC version. You select a tank from a large selection of vehicles and compete in a team against an enemy troop of players. The goal is to conquer and sustain mission goals or to completely destroy the enemy.

Tactics & Teamwork: To win, fire your tanks at the enemy. This is easy and intuitive with the touch screen. To be successful, you also have to act tactically and in a team on the mobile phone. Because even a massive heavy tank is quickly submerged when it is flanked and inserted too many hits in its less well protected side and rear sections.

World War II and more

Large selection of tanks: World of Tanks Blitz offers you the full range of vehicles from before, during and shortly after World War II. Since this time was the pinnacle of tank development, World of Tanks Blitz has over 250 vehicles to choose from.

World of Tanks Blitz
World of Tanks games: best tank gamges

The tanks are divided into four classes:

  • Light tanks are usually fast and agile and therefore ideal for reconnaissance and mission objectives. However, the little racers burst quickly under attack.
  • Medium-heavy tanks are often fast, agile, well-armed, but poorly armored. Therefore, they are wonderful for flank attacks.
  • Heavy tanks are tough and difficult to damage from the front. In addition, they have quite high firepower, but are usually quite lethargic. Such colossi belong therefore directly to the front!
  • Tank hunters are usually well camouflaged and flat. They have extremely strong guns. But they have no battle tower and can shoot only in the direction of travel.

Armored research

Is everything like on the PC? The vehicle class of the artillery self-propelled gun from the PC version is missing in World of Tanks Blitz. Far-reaching guns would unfortunately work hard on the small screen of a smartphone.

All tanks are assigned to a Tier, which ranges from Tier 1 early tanks to Tier 10 post-war vehicles.

The Progress-System: After each round you will receive performance-related experience credits and credits. With this you research new modules for your tank and buy them. In this way, a lightly armored tank can receive a stronger cannon or a better engine. If you’ve explored a tank far enough, you can buy a higher-level vehicle.

What does it cost?

World of Tanks Blitz is free2play and therefore has InApp purchases. This will provide you with the game currency Gold, for which you get, among other premium-time for more experience or special ammunition with more firepower. The ammo is clearly a game advantage, but you can also buy at any time against credits.

Cool detail : World of Tanks Blitz is also available on Apple devices and now also on the PC. If you like, you can even cross-platform play in the Crossplay , but PC players have clear advantages thanks to the larger screen and mouse control.

If you  want to play World of Tanks Blitz , you can find it at the indicated link in the App Store.

On page two we continue with the top iOS games. This time with a hugely popular card game from an even more popular online RPG world!


The online trading card game Hearthstone is still one of Blizzard’s most successful games. Initially, Hearthstone started on the PC, but on mobile devices, the whimsical gameplay of virtual card-tapping basically works even better.

A typical Hearthstone round lasts only about 10 minutes on average and therefore the game is ideal for all players who want to quickly play a round of cards on the go.

Warcraft as a card game

Magic Meets Warcraft: Hearthstone is a genre-priced genius trading card game called Magic: The Gathering. You build a deck of 30 card cards out of hundreds of possible ways to face a counterparty. To win, you must zero your opponent’s life points by attacking them with summoned creatures, using powerful artifacts, or casting spells.

Hearthstone gameplay

The servant creatures and spells all come from the Warcraft world , which also houses the popular online role-playing game World of Warcraft . Therefore, you call figures such as sukkubi, orcs, worgen, gnomes, raid bosses, and the grisly C’Thun . But watch out, even typical Warcraft spells can ruin your day, such as when a priest speaks the “Shadow Word: Death” and immediately kills your minions, or a magician turns your dragon into a (nearly) useless sheep.

Battle of the heroes

Another cool feature of Hearthstone are your heroes. Each deck is assigned to a famous hero from the Warcraft world, who in turn represents a class from World of Warcraft. Who likes brutal violence, plays the warrior Garrosh Hellscream, Magiefans reach for Jaina Proudmoore and warlocks even have the terrible Gul’dan to choose from.

Your hero primarily determines which cards are allowed into the deck . In addition to the neutral cards accessible to all heroes, there are cards that only the appropriate class may use. Therefore only magicians are allowed to turn slaves into sheep and only warriors can use the strongest weapons for powerful direct attacks. The many heroes and maps are endless opportunities for different decks and strategies.

Meanwhile, PvE is also available : Hearthstone is constantly being updated and updated. Meanwhile, there are also special PvE missions in which you can go on monster hunting with prefabricated decks that you can expand further .

What does it cost?

Hearthstone is completely free to play, and you can win gold through wins and certain quests in the game. With it you buy new card packs and expand your fund more and more. If you take real money, you can buy a lot of cards. As a result, paying players have an advantage with a larger card selection. However, the starting decks that every player gets from the start are pretty neat.

Useful : The iOS Hearthstone also uses the same BattleNet account as the PC version. So you can play a game on the PC in the morning, for example, and then continue working on the Apple device with the same account on the train.

If you want to download Hearthstone for iOS , you can find it on the App Store under the given link.

Dungeon Hunter 5

You like action role-playing games like Diablo? Then Dungeon Hunter 5 could be just the game for you. In the meanwhile fifth part of the series a lot has changed compared to the predecessor and the Diablo -gameplay has now got Tower Defense.

Slaughter as in Diablo, but Mobile!

Dungeon Hunter 5
Dungeon Hunter 5 boss battles game play

Hacks n ‘Slay on the iPhone: The focus of the Dungeon Hunter gameplay is still known from Diablo gameplay. In other words, you run through dungeons and click monsters dead. To do this, you create a hero with a weapon and you’re ready to go!

The rather thin storyline starts where Dungeon Hunter 4 left off. Dark forces and demons have attacked the Kingdom of Valenthia. Your “Bounty Hunter” has a lot to do to repel the dark creatures and pay for them properly. This story is told in over 60 missions that you can solo in solo mode alone.

Finally there’s Coop

Four on monster hunting. The monster slaughter alone makes you happy, but in the newly added Coop mode you can experience all the fun with up to three other friends in the team . This Coop mode was already submitted in 2016. Before, you could only take AI-controlled copies of your friends. These bots lined up stupidly and often ran into traps.

Coop Challenges Every Week: Coop Mode is a separate form of game in which you play changing missions every week. At the end of the mission, there are rewards, including new resources for monster crafting.

Diablo meets tower defense

What is Monster Crafting? Monster crafting becomes essential in another Dungeon Hunter 5 game mode. You can build and fill your own dungeons called Stronghold with monsters. In turn, build these monsters together in Monster Crafting.

In addition to the monsters, you’ll then be able to lay deadly traps and other nasties in the dungeon and then you’ll wait for a few boobies to get into your dungeon and mop out their lives miserably. Alternatively you try the same with other players, kill their monsters and plunder loot.

A fair freemium?

How fair is Dungeon Hunter 5? As with almost all online mobile games, even a freemium title like Dungeon Hunter 5 raises the question: are in-app purchases fair or are there hidden costs or unfair benefits to paying customers? Unfortunately, it’s true that you get benefits through real money. If you do not pay anything, you have to make an effort from the mid-game on and slow down noticeably. However, with enough patience, you can unlock all content without the use of real money.

If you want to play HIT , you can download it from the App Store under the given link.

Shadow gun Legends

The mobile shooter Shadowgun Legends is now the better Destiny for many fans of the shooter MMO Destiny . Because the shooter offers the fun and motivating hunt for more and more prey and humorous gunplay, which love the fans of Bungies shooter so much.

Like Destiny, but for the phone!

Heap Weapons: As you’ve come to expect from Destiny, you can also find mountains of guns in Shadowgun Legends. There are over 500 weapons and around 1,000 pieces of armor. With it you can pimp your heroes arbitrarily. Your prey farms in missions and raids.

Missions – Alone or in Coop: In the more than 200 missions you fight all kinds of alien critters. The different missions take you to four different planets. There you can do the aliens alone or in coop with up to three buddies.

Also cool: Most missions are done in less than 10 minutes. That’s perfect for traveling! But for raids you should plan for 30 or more minutes.

Do not forget PvP: But if you prefer to play against other players, you can plunge into PvP. There are, among other modes such as Arena battles.

Touch screen or controller

How does Shadowgun Legends play? The game can be controlled optimally with the touchpad. With one hand you run, with the other you move the camera. If an enemy comes into sight, you shoot automatically if you wish. With a double tap you can also directly target the enemy and under attack.

Gamepad is synonymous: If you do not feel like touchscreen on the phone, you can simply connect a controller to the iPhone or iPad and play with it.

Fair Free2Play system, who buys a lot has advantages

Shadow gun Legends free2play does not offer unfair Pay2Win items nor does it limit your playing time with limits like “energy”. So you can gamble as long and as often as you like.

Consumption is worth it: your inventory is however limited to 15 places. If you leave a lot of money in the shop, you will gradually get more places unlocked. So if you want to play Shadow gun Legends seriously, you should not be able to avoid one or the other real-money issues.

If you want to play Shadow gun Legends, you can find it here on the App Store.


HIT is a pretty action MMORPG developed by renowned Korean game designer Yong-Hyun Park. The man was already involved in the Korean success MMOs Lineage II and TERA. That’s why HIT – by the way, that’s the name of “Heroes of Incredible Tales” – has what it takes to be a real “hit”.

The characters hit band or hero group?

6 Heroes with funny names: The “Heroes of Incredible Tales” are – as usual in many Korean action RPGs – established personalities. The mighty knight Hugo, the archer Lena, the swordsman Lucas, the supporter Kiki, the ninja fighter Pyran and the necromancer Anika are standing for you.

This sounds more like a German hit band than a troupe of epic heroes, but for Korean ears, those typical Western names may sound exotic.

Action gameplay for iOS

The gameplay of HIT: HIT is gameplay-wise a fast-paced action RPG à la Diablo, puttering through masses of monsters. She clicks with nimble fingers broken and every hero still has special skills, combos and even air strikes.

Incidentally, the heroes’ repertoire will be expanded. The archer Lena, supporter Kiki and last Pyran came only through an update to choose from.

Action in Coop and PvP

You do not have to play alone: HIT is also an MMO, so you prefer to play with other players in Coop. In the team, you’ll do quests, dungeons and try the big raids. As a reward, there’s a valuable loot to make your heroes better and better.

PvP’s also available: The game modes in PvP are as follows:

  • 1v1 Arena duel
  • 3v3 Team Deathmatch
  • Guild wars with tons of players

Free2Play, but with a taste

Unfortunately, you can buy all sorts of powerful items for real money in the free HIT. This is not bad in PvE, but in PvP paying players have clear advantages.

If you want to play HIT , you can download it from the App Store under the given link.

Crusaders of Light

Friends of World of Warcraft are unlikely to miss Crusaders of Light in search of mobile MMOs . The online role-playing game for the mobile phone comes from the Chinese publisher NetEase and is very similar to the classic MMORPG Blizzard.

WoW on the iPhone or iPad

Crusaders of Light
Crusaders of Light: best game for mobile

Crusaders of Light is a full-fledged online role-playing game in the style of WoW . You create a character from one of three classes. There are warriors, rangers and mystics. Each of these classes can later evolve into one of three specializations. So the mystic can specialize in the usual DPS mage, CC effects or healing.

Simple Gameplay: The skill selection is clear and not too complex. You have a total of six slots for active skills. Two of them are special skills, the other four you can exchange at will with other skills from your list. The gameplay runs in combat with the well-known from WoW tab targeting system.

Solid MMORPG for the road

Less grind, but more quests: Happily, the grind is limited in the quests. So there are not tons of “hunting and collecting” quests. Instead, you level up on the quests of the story. The background story and the world are nothing special, but solid, WoW-inspired fantasy.

Auto-play is optional: For regular quests, there is an autopilot function in which your hero does a lot of things automatically. But in complex 40s raids, you better not get in with this auto feature.

PvP’s also available: If you would rather fight other players, you have the choice between the formats 1vs1, 3vs3, 5vs5 and 25vs25.

Also cool: Crusaders of Light can be played thanks to crossplay on Apple and Android devices as well as the Facebook game room.

The Cash Shop – Pay2Win or fair?

As in all Free2Play games, Crusaders of Light has a cash-store . In it you buy yourself gems (for item revaluation) and in-game gold and silver. All these things are also in the game for patient players. Those who grind long enough get their stuff even without real money .

But who spends real money , has gold and gems much faster available and can optimally aufmotzen his hero. A definite advantage for real money payers, which Free2Play players find difficult to catch up with. But since you still have the chance to earn everything in the game without money, Crusaders of Light is still not a Pay2Win game.

Here you can get Crusaders of Light here in the App Store .

Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage 2 Revolution is a complex mobile MMO that is already extremely successful in its home country of South Korea. From there, the success game was then launched in other Asian countries and celebrated before then, especially in Japan a great success. Meanwhile, the online role-playing game for mobile phones and tablets has also appeared in Europe and the US.

24 well-known classes from the lineage series

Lineage 2 Revolution plays in the world of the well-known lineage series and takes place some time after the end of the second part. Once again there is trouble and your hero has to pull the cart out of the mud. You create a hero from a combination of four races and three classes.

Bulk class selection: Depending on whether you choose the class of Warrior, Rogue, or Mystic as a Human, (Dark) Elf, or Dwarf, you have different abilities. There are also 6 further classes per people, which you can choose from level 31 onwards. So Lineage 2 Revolution comes to the proud number of a total of 24 different classes!

Orcs are also coming: The selection of peoples will soon be extended to the wild orcs.

Complex gameplay on the iPhone / iPad

How complex the game is, but you realize only after a few hours of play , because gradually reveals Lineage 2 Revolution, what is in it all. Among other things, you can do dungeons, compete with raid bosses in the group, fend off endless monster hordes in a tower, expand your guild, and even wage mass fights against other guilds in PvP!

The control is simple and intuitive via touchscreen feasible. But you can always turn on the autoplay. This is an autopilot, with which your hero actually does everything by itself and losgrindet as if by magic. However, there are always tricky bosses and events in which you should take control yourself.

Optimum progress speed

A “hero-manager”: Lineage 2 revolution is optimally coordinated and the progress is always exciting. Unlike traditional MMORPGs, you’re more of a hero-manager here and optimize your character.

So much of the game can be done in auto-play. Therefore, you can take care of the optimization of your hero and expand it, so that he always creates better challenges.

The business system

Lineage 2 Revolution is playable as Free2Play title for free. In the cash-shop there are especially items that accelerate your game progress. But there are also daily free Lootboxen. They have some good items and free crystals (real money currency). Nevertheless, players who spend a lot of money should have an advantage.

Here you can download Lineage 2 Revolution in the App Store.

Arena of Valor

You like MOBAs like League of Legends (LoL) and would like to play such a title on your smart phone while on the move? Then Arena of Valor could be the right game for you!

LoL on the iPhone

Arena of Valor
Arena of Valor:best mobile MMO games

The game that is extremely unlucky in China! Arena of Valor is the local name of the immensely successful mobile MOBA Kings of Glory in China. In the Far East, the game was so successful that just adolescents exaggerated hard with the gambling.

As a result, the Chinese government has already become active in China, prompting publisher Tencent to include strong playtime limits in the China version of Arena of Valor .

The gameplay of Arena of Valor is similar to a common PC MOBA like League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm. After all, belongs to the LoL developer studio Riot Games to Tencent. The control via touchscreen works intuitively and effectively. Self-directed skillshots are no problem.

Top game modes for the lunch break

Rounds in Arena of Valor run so fast: a round in LoL usually takes between 20 and 40 minutes. Often it is longer then. In Arena of Valor everything is much faster. The different game modes therefore last on average:

  • 5V5 “Big Battle”: Here you have the classic 5v5 lineup with Lanes and Jungle. The whole fun takes about 12-18 minutes.
  • 3V3 “Skirmish”: Here you are knocking in a brisk round of victory and you’re done in a jiffy. This mode takes about 4-6 minutes.
  • 5V5 “Shadow Gorge”: Here you play a randomly triggered character and fight only in the middle lane. This hybrid of the big battle and the arena takes about 8 to 12 minutes.

Mass heroes including cinematic music!

The selection of heroes in Arena of Valor is quite neat. There are over 50 characters, divided into the typical MOBA roles like tank, damage handler and supporters. Seven heroes are free, the rest you have to free play or buy.

Especially cool: Among the heroes are also classic superheroes from the universe of DC comics, including such celebrities as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman!

Top soundtrack! Arena of Valor looks good and sounds even better. For star composer Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean) is responsible for the soundtrack.

Here’s Arena of Valor on the App Store for download.

Royal Blood

A “real” MMORPG like on the PC: Royal Blood of the Korean studio Gam evil is said to be according to the developers the first full-fledged MMORPG for mobile that feels like a “real” PC online role-playing game. Royal Blood wants to achieve this with cool action gameplay, top graphics and the least possible autopilot function.

Get back the throne!

The act of Royal Blood begins with your hero losing everything, except bare life. You were just a prince or a princess, the next moment monsters ravage your palace, kill your royal father and banish you into exile. From there you have to fight your way up and reclaim your birthright and kingdom.

Royal Blood
Royal Blood:best mobile MMOs

4 Heroes with gender-lock: Depending on which class you choose, your heir to the throne is a strong warrior, a devious protector, a powerful magician, or a cute little bard. Each class has a fixed MMO role. Warriors can be tanks, riflemen and mages are optimal casualties, and the bard is good for support.

Action gameplay instead of autoplay orgies!

The gameplay of Royal Blood is complex and yet very intuitive: your heroes have yet another skill orientation that you can switch to anytime, even in the middle of a fight. Thus, the mage with the fire magic skill can do particularly well area damage. As an ice mage, she is less on DPS, but can optimally control and hinder opponents.

So to play your hero perfectly, you must constantly switch between the skills and position yourself optimally. Because like in a MOBA or the action MMO brand WildStar go unspecified attacks otherwise meaningless in the botany.

Auto-Play is only for Trash: Therefore, the otherwise in (Asian) mobile MMOs so popular autopilot is here only conditionally useful. It is quite effective on simple trash mobs, but as soon as it goes against bosses or even PvP, you should play yourself again.

Mass battles in PvP

Royal Blood uses PvE action as well as sophisticated PvP combat. In it you either fight in 3v3 mode in the arena or 70 players compete in epic sieges against an equal sized team.

In the sieges , players can even become lords if they beat well during a PvP season.

Fair Cash Shop

Royal Blood is playable free2play. But you can buy items in the Cash Shop for faster progress in the game. But all shop offers can also be regularly cleared by gameplay.

If you want to play Royal Blood yourself, you can download it here at the link here in the App Store.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

The popular Battle Royale shooter Fortnite is also available on mobile devices. While Android users are still waiting for their version of the game, Apple users can gamble for a long time.

This is Battle Royale: Fortnite is about jumping off alone or as a 2 or 4 team over a deserted island. There are tons of weapons and items around. Your goal is to be the last player to survive. To keep it exciting and nobody can hide forever, the playing field gets smaller and smaller as the game progresses.

Easier gameplay and a lot of fun

How Fortnite plays on the iPhone: On the Apple smartphone, Fortnite plays differently than on the PC or the console. You control your character with the touch screen. Touch the touchscreen to shoot at your opponents. Booty and weapons are collected by simply running over it. The gameplay is so simple, but no less exciting.

Noises are visible: In Fortnite, it is especially important that you can hear your opponent. Otherwise, you do not know which direction you are going to shoot at or that an enemy is just hovering over you in the floor. But many mobile gamers have the sound on the go or no headphones ready if they want to quickly play a round in bus or train. Therefore, in the mobile version, you always see markings on the edge of the screen when someone shoots at you or grabs you.

Complete cross play with all other platforms

You can play Fortnite on Android with any other supported game platform. Whether on the PC, the consoles, the switch or the upcoming Android version: Thanks to Crossplay you can play together with all the others. But since consoles and especially the PC have clear advantages thanks to the better control, by default it remains in the playlist for mobile gamers.

Only on request you can play in the other platforms in the matchmaking. However, console or PC players can not gain access to the Mobile Playlist on their own and farm.

No stripped-down mobile version: Fortnite on iOS is by the way the full-fledged Fortnite: Battle Royale, which also everyone else plays. It is by no means a stripped-down mobile version for cell phones. Your progress on the iPhone is the same as on the PC or the consoles.

Fair Cash Shop best mobile MMOs

As usual with Fortnite, you play the game completely free on the iPhone. The Cash Shop has a selection of skins and emotes every day. You can also buy a Battle Pass and unlock items through diligent gambling. Every 10 weeks comes a new season with a new passport and a different theme.

Fortnite: best mobile MMOs

Fortnite on the App Store you get here.

Alternative to Fortnite complacent? Then get PUBG Mobile for the iPhone!
If you do not like colorful graphics, would like to have a bit more realistic setting and gameplay, and you do not mind the construction mode, you should get the mobile version of PUBG .

In it you will also experience hearty Battle Royale action. Keep in mind that the mobile version of PUBG is not compatible with the versions on Xbox One and PC. So you have to start again if you have to.



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