Are you also succumbing to the hype surrounding Fortnite: kill Battle Royale ? Anyway, we at Pro-Gamer-Gear are good at the permanent and the new Epic title just will not get boring. However, especially many newcomers and career changers notice early on that the old office keyboard is no longer really up-to-date for modern esports titles. In the worst case, the keys are already worn out, and movement in the game feels spongy.Therefore, we would like to help you in this guide, and introduce you to the best keyboards for Fortnite – if you can not reach the “Victory Royale” with our top 3 of the keyboards, then it definitely is not the keyboard

The best Fortnite keyboard: what to look for?

At night, all keyboards are the same – or at least look similar. There are, however, a few key features that make good keyboards for Fortnite different from bad ones. We have summarized for you first the most important criteria in a tl; dr :

  1. Good mechanical keys
    Keyboards are designed in two different ways : either with a rubber mat under the keys that act as a resistance, or with individual mechanical switches. Since a rubber coating can always be worn, mechanical keys are always preferable – ideally with the excellent Cherry MX Switches from Good Old Germany.
  2. High-quality materials
    Although plastic is cheap to produce, it offers less stability than metal. The board thickness (in which the keys are embedded) also plays a role, as does the material of the keycaps (ABS vs PBT) . Therefore, a good keyboard for Fortnite should always have meaningful materials and a solid basic design.
  3. Good workmanship
    Speaking of solid basic construction: Unfortunately, there are also great differencesbetween models and manufacturers when it comes to processing . This may not express itself directly after the purchase, but after a few months, these differences become apparent.
  4. Excellent value 
    for money How much keyboard can I get for my money? To this question, manufacturers provide different answers, because you often pay too much for inferior quality. We sort out poorly priced models in our listing directly.

The Best Keyboards for Fortnite: Our Top 3!

1.Ducky Shine

ducky shine 6rgb keyboard
ducky shine 6rgb keyboard

Fortnite’s best keyboard for us (and all other uses) is the latest Ducky Shine from the Taiwanese forge. The best Cherry MX switches , wonderful ABS Doubleshot Keycapsand excellent build quality put the Ducky Shine in the absolute top field of current keyboards. The inner values ​​are also right: two extremely massive boards make the basic construction more valuable than the competition. For us the best keyboard for Fortnite, even if not cheap (just under 200 €).

2.Corsair K70

Corsair K70 keyboard
Corsair K70 keyboard

Although the Corsair penalty should be the actual top model of Corsair , we are still convinced that the Corsair K70 is the actually better keyboard. For just € 130 in the single-LED variant, the K70 offers everything a good keyboard needs for Fortnite: various Cherry MX switches , a great brushed aluminum construction and a very solid build make it a staple on the gaming keyboard mass market stand out. We recommend the variant with the MX Blues and the single-color, red LEDs (you do not really need the 50 € surcharge for RGB).

3. Logitech G610

Logitech G610
Logitech G610 Orion Brown Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If the prices of the first two keyboards for Fortnite have deterred, do not be sad to buy any crap: The Logitech G610 is the perfect budget keyboard for the ideal fight price of only 79 €! You get Cherry MX switches, multimedia buttons and even a white button light. Sure, the whole thing is just packed in a simple plastic case and does not have the same exterior as keyboards from boutique blacksmiths; but for only 80 € even beginners get a good keyboard for Fortnite.

Conclusion: The best keyboard for Fortnite

The best keyboard for Fortnite is definitely the current Ducky Shine for us, as it offers the most thought-out concept in the upper price segment . Of course, many other keyboards in this price segment are very well suited if you bring the right components. However, a good keyboard for Fortnite does not have to be expensive: for as little as $ 79, the Logitech G610 Orion is a solid keyboard with good components. Whichever you choose, the Victory Royale may be a little closer


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