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No game in history has taken the global gaming scene by storm like Fortnite Battle Royale : based on PUBG , it dominates player numbers and twitch viewer shipments like few games before. Thanks to the easy-to-understand gameplay, many new and career changers enjoy Fortnite; However, you quickly realize that the old laptop mouse is not really suitable for serious games.

Therefore, we show you in this guide the best mouse for Fortnite , so that in the future you can see more often ” Victory Royale ” on your screen!

The best Fortnite mouse: what to look for?

The variety of different manufacturers and models will almost kill you when you buy a gaming mouse for Fortnite from the offer. The most important points of purchase are:

  1. Error-free sensor
    Most conventional mice have unfortunately installed inferior sensors that distort the signal through mouse correction and mouse acceleration – meaning your Aim is artificially affected. For Fortnite your mouse should have installed a faultless sensor .
  2. Good Switches
    The mouse buttons of a good mouse should be from well-known manufacturers, for example Huano or Omron . Likewise, additional keys on the side should be ergonomically placed, so you can use them in the game also useful.
    Unfortunately, even reputable manufacturers have time and again series that are delivered with inferior materials or high error rates. Therefore, a mouse should have been flawless for Fortnite for a long time on the market.
  3. Low weight
    Many mice are unfortunately very heavy, and some manufacturers even include additional weights in the pack. However, high weight is impractical for fast movements, which makes us prefer lightweight mice for Fortnite (and other games)

The best mouse for Fortnite: Our Top 3!

1. Razer Deathadder

Even though Razer downgrades the quality of their keyboards and plastered everything with LEDs: The Razer Deathadder in the current version is a really good mouse . The now built-in PixArt SDNS-3988 sensor is absolutely faultless and one of the best on the market, the ergonomic shape is perfect for right-handed people and the processed materials feel really good. At 105 grams , the Deathadder is pretty light, and the side buttons are good to use in Fortnite. The Razer Deathadder in the normal version (not the chroma, not the elite) is our recommendation as the best mouse for Fortnite !

2. Logitech G403

There are many mice from Logitech , but none are as good as the Logitech G403 . Especially for Fortnite, the G403 is perfectly suited due to its very light weight (87.3 grams!) . The built-in PixArt PMW-3366 sensor is considered one of the best on the market, and the switches on the side are beautifully ergonomically placed. Also, the rubber on the side for better grip like us, as well as the entire choice of materials and build quality. Not for nothing, the G403 is Logitech’s flagship , and in our opinion, one of the best mice for Fortnite.

3. Zowie FK2

If you do not like the asymmetrical shape of the two mice mentioned above, there is a wonderful insider tip : The Zowie FK2 has the classic shape of a SteelSeries Sensei , and is therefore also available for left-handers in Fortnite! The Zowie FK2 has a great sensor and a light base weight, and is a great alternative for a special Claw Grip / Finger Grip gambler. Although the FK2 looks very subtle, she has it fist thick behind the ears and is therefore our little special tip as Fortnite mouse.

Conclusion: The best gaming mouse for Fortnite!

With these three mice you have for Fortnite each an excellent tool for “Victory Royale”in the hand! Importantly, this is just our top 3; Of course, there are other mice that meet the above criteria. But with our top 3, you’re guaranteed to get it right!

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